Postal code and reference maps the Netherlands

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Complete set with the 4-digit postalcode map and more than 30 administrative area layouts including Municipalities, Residences and Police areas. The reference date is January 1, 2021. The set contains both high quality MapInfo and Shape (SHP) format.



Postal code and reference maps of the Netherlands

This complete set of postal code and reference maps contains over 30 layers. All layers are derivatives of the 4 position postal code map of the Netherlands with 4.068 postcode areas.

  • The vintage of the data is January 2021.
  • Yearly updates are being released in April.
  • The delivered file format is Shape and MapInfo TAB.
  • The licence is for 1 user on 1 system.

Click here for the specification of the map layers. See also other Data & Maps.

Additional information


The Netherlands

Map Type

4-digit postalcode map


Shape, MapInfo


WGS84 or RDM (Netherlands national system)

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