E-Maps 14-day trial


Testdrive Excel E-Maps for 14 days. The E-Maps evaluation version has full functionality, but the number of addresses that can be plotted on the map is limited to 600 per time and 5.000 recordsin total. Try it now for free!



Excel E-Maps trial: The fastest map in Excel

Get the quickest map in Excel. Visualize your data in Excel. Excel E-Maps trial is a unique plug-in, designed for Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and Office 365 (desktop). E-Maps enables you to generate professional maps within a few clicks.
Point maps, thematic points, heatmaps. It is all possible. And just a few clicks further, you have saved your map as an image, copied it in your powerpoint, as PDF or as a print. If you do not have coordinates in your data, just plot your addresses on the map by a geocoding them. Every time you plot the data, coordinates are stored in memory and not stored in the Excel sheet.
E-Maps is sold based on a yearly subscription. E-Maps for Excel™ is available in four version:, Standard, Pro, Advanced and Mobility.

Compare the various versions at: www.map-in-excel.com

You can find Excel E-Maps Mobility here. For technical support and explanations, take a look at the tutorials.

After installing E-Maps, E-Maps can be found in a separate tab in Excel.

The E-Maps 14 day trial is based on E-Maps Pro. The E-Maps trial can be used for 14 days. You can find the E-Maps Pro version here. The trial version does not support saving images in high resolution.

Additional information


Pro, Standard, Advanced, Mobility, Pro Trial


Points will be placed on a map based on coordinates or postal / full address by geocoding with world coverage. Geocoded data can only be viewed on map, the coordinates will not be stored in your Excel sheet. The background that can be selected is Here (Roads, Aerial and Hybrid) or blank.


Same as Standard but also includes thematic maps, visualize shape files. Save your map as a project and continu working the next time you open Excel. More backgroundmaps like OpenStreetMap and export to layered PDF.


Same as Pro plus advanced selecting and drawing capabilities. Make a selection of locations based on travel time and/or -distance from a given point using car or walking. Draw a line, circles, shapes or a point to enhance your maps


Same as Pro plus the possibility to calculate travelling times and distances for car, public transport, bike of pedestrian.

Pro Trial

Trial version of E-Maps Pro. Try E-Maps Pro 14 days for free!

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