E-Maps Mobility

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Insight in cost of mobility within Excel
E-Maps Mobility is the new extension of Excel E-Maps. Get insights in the mobility of your workforce. In a few clicks, E-Maps Mobility calculates the travel time and distance for public transport, private transport or as pedestrian.



The fastest and most economical way to calculate travel time in Excel with E-Maps Mobility.

Is the calculation of travelling times a difficult exercise? Preparing files, sending and waiting on results is part of the passed. Calculate travelling times for public transport, car or for pedestrians in a few seconds with E-Maps Mobility. Including up-to-date public transport and road transport information.

Travelling times:

The travelling times for public transport are based on the standard timetables and are dependent on the chosen departure- or arrival time. The optimal travelling time is chosen from multiple calculations in a given time frame.


  • based on Here web services (Navteq)
  • always up-to-date routing network
  • routes are calculated based on full address
  • street level or postal codes
  • locations can be viewed on the maps and used for presentations
  • software license for 1 year, with 100.000 transactions included
  • extra bundles of 250.000 or 500.000 transactions (max 1 year valid)

Typical use:

  • get insights in travel with public transport, pedestrian or car
  • declaration of travel cost for employees
  • optimal office location vs. travel modality
  • suitable for HR departments
  • Time frame for travel


  • only a few cent per calculation
  • accurate results
  • works with Excel 2007 or higher (Windows desktop)
  • public transport travel based on departure or arrival withtin a time frame
  • Public Transport travel times are based on standard timetables. A specific time frame can be set in order to optimize the public transport travel

For more information about E-Maps Mobility, check the website: www.map-in-excel.nl. Do you want to take a look at more E-Maps products? Then have a look in our E-Maps suite.

Additional information


Standard, Pro


Same as E-Maps Pro plus the possibility to calculate travelling time and travelling distances for car, public transport, bike or pedestrian.


Same as E-Maps Mobility Standard plus the possibility to calculate routes for cars with traffic, drawing functionality and more selection options.

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