MapBasic 2019


Programmeer met MapBasic om voor MapInfo Pro  een applicatie te maken.

MapBasic is a complete, BASIC-like programming language used to create custom applications for use with MapInfo Pro. Use MapBasic to extend geographic functionality, automate repetitive operations, or integrate MapInfo Pro with other applications – quickly and easily.

Note: this is the first Multi-language installer for MapBasic that has been localized for Japanese and Russian users.

MapBasic now includes new additional features:

  1. Support for creating Add-ins via Python
  2. Extensibility Framework based on a .NET API for creating applications to use the new Ribbon interface and all its new controls and customization properties, a Docking Manager, multiple new Event Handlers, and more.
  3. A .NET Table Object Model for .NET AddIn Developers to take advantage of a new Catalog of open tables that is kept up to date as tables are opened and closed. You can list the tables, open and close tables and get all the properties of a table.
  4. MapInfo Data Access Library provides a set of classes and interfaces that allows .NET developers to create MapInfo Pro Addins that can easily Create, Search, and Update MapInfo Tables and other supported database formats such as Oracle, SQL Server, GeoPackage. The Library is based on a subset of the MapInfo MapXtreme SDK product, mainly the Data Access functionality.

IMPORTANT: Applications built with MapBasic v2019 require MapInfo Pro v2019 to run.
Older versions of MapInfo Pro cannot run applications built with MapBasic v2019



Ontwikkel uw eigen MapInfo applicaties met MapBasic 2019

MapBasic is de ontwikkelomgeving voor MapInfo Pro.

MapBasic, is een complete BASIC-gerelateerde programmeertaal die wordt gebruikt voor het maken van op maat gemaakte applicaties. Dit is voor het gebruik met MapInfo Pro of voor het maken van speciale MapInfo runtime versies. MapBasic kan een uitbreiding zijn op de geografische functionaliteit, automatiseert herhaalde bewerkingen en integreert MapInfo Pro met andere applicaties; snel en eenvoudig.

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  • MapBasic 2019 Release notes
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