ProViewer 15.0


ProViewer 15 is compatible with tables and workspaces from MapInfo Professional 15 (32-bit) and lower versions.

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ProViewer is a free program to share maps and charts in MapInfo Format. With Proviewer you can open Maps that have been created in MapInfo Professional. Proviewer follows the releases of MapInfo Professional. Proviewer is a desktop program and has to be physically installed on a desktop machine.

Use ProViewer to:

  • Open MapInfo tables and workspaces.
  • Print Maps, tables, graphics and lay-outs.
  • Select objects on a map or table.
  • Zoom in and out and move maps.
  • View information about objects.
  • Measure distances.
  • Request statistics about selected information.
  • Add labels.
  • Use maps in World or Excel.


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